Who is Luigi Blefari?

Luigi was born in Italy in December 1987 from a very simple family, during school the artistic drawing professors advised him to continue studies related to art but as a stubborn person he prefers to enter the world of work from a young age, no longer thinking about the art.One day at a Basquiat exhibition he decides to take up this passion put in a drawer for too long, buys a canvas, some brushes and some color and thus begins to paint with the aim of somehow portraying FREEDOM, the subject very close to the artist's heart. His artistic style does not care about details nor perfection, his only concern is to leave a message, a feeling or vibrations to those who look at his creations!

What I would like my paintings to be for!

Imagine if a painting were enough to give answers to your questions, even the most complex ones.
I would like every person, observing one of my paintings, to find signals.
These signals could derive from shapes, colors or even defects in the painting It is precisely for this reason that I never seek perfection but prefer to give a brushstroke here and there to create my works, precisely because I myself believe in the signals with which the universe speaks to us and I like to help it by acting as a medium with the which he can express himself to also give those who are in front of my painting the answers they deserve.